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About us
Intereuropa Group has 17 affiliates in 10 countries and maintains partnership relations in a vast logistics network serving as a hub for communications by road, rail, air and sea, particularly across South Eastern Europe. The Group offers its customers a full range of logistics services and reaches nearby and remote destinations quickly and safely. The Group combines flexibility and reliability in the provision of its services.

INTEREUROPA Logistics Services Ltd.
Zagreb, Josipa Loncara 3, Croatia
T: +385 (0)1 3900666
F: +385 (0)1 3900777

REG.NO. 3745830
PIN 85514716931

Giro Account No.:
2340009-1100151700 PBZ
2330003 -1100204554 Splitska banka

IBAN: HR9323400091100151700,

IBAN: HR5923300031100204554,
SWIFT CODE: SOGEHR22 Splitska banka

The Commercial Court in Zagreb, 
Company's Reg.No.080241060
Capital stock (111.581.000,00 kn) fully paid-in

Our primary mission is to meet demands and requirements for integrated logistical services to full satisfaction of our customers who are guaranteed reliability,speed,safety and competitive prices.

  • 32 Branch and sector offices
  • Over 400 employees
  • 52.000 sq.m. of bonded and unbonded warehouses
  • Over 125.000 sq.m of outdoor storing area
  • Motor pool of 100 trucks and delivery vans
  • Computer network with 350 terminals
  • Stock capital  of € 10.5 millions
  • Member of international organizations FIATA,IATA
  • Quality Certificate ISO 9001:2008 for carrying out
  • forwarding services , transportation of goods and logistics and HACCP certificate



10090 Zagreb, Josipa Lončara 3 
T: +385 (0)1 3780 522
F: +385 (0)1 3780 595 
E: podruznica-zg@intereuropa.hr

Zlatko Bilaver, director of subsidiaries

About branch Office Zagreb:
  • ....is the largest branch of Intereuropa Logistics Services Ltd.
  • Over 200 employees, 12 organizational units: Office in Kutina, Karlovac, Border Offices Bregana and Macelj, Airfreight Department at Zagreb Airport, Division for Customs brokerage, Forwarding, Groupage Traffic , Express Delivery Service, Warehouse Operations & Management and Road  Transports.
  • 4.600 sq.m office and business related  facilities
  • 29.760 sq.m storage facilities for general cargo, bonded and out of bond.
  • Warehouse of 2.000 sq.m for dangerous goods (ADR) 
  • 1.000 sq.m of cold storage  (665 sq.m to -26ºC,335 sq.m to +5ºC)
  • 10.000  sq.m of open storage area


21204 Dugopolje, Matice hrvatske 21

T: + 385 (0)21 668 600

F: +385 (0)21 668 627

E: podruznica-st@intereuropa.hr

Vladimir Jakumatović, director of subsidiaries

About branch Office Split:

  • Over 36 employees in 3 organizational units Branch Office Split, Office Zadar, Office Ploce
  • 7.623 sq.m bondage and out of bond warehouses
  • 15.690 sq.m open storage area


42000 Varaždin, Vilka Novaka 48g

T: +385 (0)42 352 600

F: +385 (0)42 350 798 

E: podruznica-vz@intereuropa.hr

Zlatko Bilaver, director of subsidiaries

About branch Office Varazdiin:

  • Over 60 employees in 8 organizational units
  • Branch office Varazdin, Office Cakovec, Border offices Dubrava Krizovljanska and Gorican, Offices Koprivnica, Ludbreg and Virovitica, Subsidiary Roar Transport.
  • 8.500 sq.m bondage and out of bond warehouses
  • 83.000 sq.m open storage area
  • 2 railroad track


42000 Varaždin, Vilka Novaka 48g 

Tel: +385 (0)42 352 650 

Fax: +385 (0)42 350 798  

E: cestovniprijevoz@intereuropa.hr 

Zlatko Bilaver, director of subsidiaries

About Branch Office Varaždin:

  • 21 employees
  • vozni park: 7 tegljača s poluprikolicama i 9 tandem


51000 Rijeka,  Dražice (Zamet) 123b

Tel: + 385 (0)51 666 990

Fax: +385 (0)51 666 931


Vladimir Jakumatović, director of subsidiaries

About Branch Office Rijeka:

  • Over 20 employees in 2 organizational units (Branch office Rijeka and Office Pazin)
  • 3.000 sq.m bondage and out of bond warehouses
  • 4.000 sq.m open storage area


The purpose of the INTERWB secure line is to submit reports on suspected violations and posing questions by the employees of the Intereuropa Group, as well as third parties. All the data received is processed exclusively for the purpose of detection and investigation of suspicion of violations or providing explanations in relation to the prevention, detection and investigation of violations in the Intereuropa Group.


Contact: etika@intereuropa.si





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