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part of cadastral plot no. 2017/2 cadastral district Podsused / land registry cadastral plot no. 2/76 entered into land registry entry no. 1100 cadastral district Jankomir, as a storage of dangerous substances at the address Zagreb, Josipa Lončara 3, net floor surface area 2394.41 m2, ground floor + first floor, built in 2004, with land, in the total surface area of approximately 7160 m2

The building is a concrete structure, the facade is stucco and painted, with aluminium panel siding in the upper sections. The roof is flat, with panelled roofing. Aluminium windows and doors, the building has central heating and all significant installations. External area primarily paved, with access areas intended for parking and logistical purposes. Number of parking spaces adequate for building purposes, grounds are fenced from surrounding lands and the access road (Škorpikova Street). The building was issued a use permit in 2004, permitting the use of the building for the storage of class III poisons.

Prior to sale, the seller will perform subdivision of the cadastral plot no. 2017/2 cadastral district Podsused / land registry cadastral plot no. 2/76 entered in the land registry entry no. 1100 cadastral district Jankomir for the purpose of separation of the said part of the property into a separate plot.

Requirements for submitting a binding bid and selection of the best bidder:

  1. Bids may be submitted by domestic and foreign natural and legal persons, pursuant to regulations valid in the Republic of Croatia.
  2. Bids must be written in Croatian, and must contain:
    • Exact information on the bidder (company name/name and surname, seat/address, OIB/tax number, contact person, telephone number, e-mail address of contact person);
    • Subject of the bid;
    • Bid price in HRK (Croatian kuna);
    • Terms of payment.
  3. Selection of the best bidder will be completed by 30 March 2018. All bidders will be informed in writing, by post, of the outcome of this public invitation. Notification of the best bidder is not the statement of the owner that the bid is accepted, unless explicitly stated.
  4. The selected bidder must conclude the sales contract with the owner, as a rule within 20 days of receiving notification that it has been selected. The sales contract is concluded on an ‘as-seen’ basis.
  5. The property tax/value added tax and other contributions, and costs of transfer of ownership are borne by the buyer.
  6. The owner is not obliged to contract a sales contract with any of the bidders; the owner is not required, in any case, to refund the bidders any costs associated with the preparation and submission of the bid, or pay any damages or compensation in the case the bid is not accepted.
  7. All other conditions of sale shall be agreed in the sales contract.

Written bids must be signed by the bidder or its legal representative, and must be prepared in accordance with the conditions of this invitation, and submitted in a sealed envelope, which on the back must list the name of the company/name and surname of the bidder, by 15 March 2018 to 2:00 pm, to the address: Intereuropa d.o.o., Josipa Lončara 3, 10090 Zagreb, with the clear marking: “Sale of property – do not open!”.  Only complete bids submitted within the deadline shall be considered.

Interested parties may view the property and receive all additional information every working day, by previous appointment.

Contact: Investment, Procurement and IT Department, telephone: 01/3900 718.