Track and Trace
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11 January 2023


Logistics center Rijeka is located in Industry zone Bakar:

  • exceptional geostrategic position of the Bakar Industrial Zone, along with excellent transport connectivity, in the hinterland of the Town of Bakar (2 km), and the City of Rijeka (7 km) - one of theshortest traffic links between the Mediterranean and Central Europe
  • close proximity and traffic synergy with the Port of Bakar and the Port of Rijeka; customs along with the possibility of road and/or rail transport, render the Zone asignificant multimodal traffic hub
  • direct connection to the highways Rijeka - Zagreb, Rijeka - Split, and the roads Rijeka - Trieste, Rijeka - Ljubljana
  • direct industry track connection to the railway system of the Republic of Croatia
  • close proximity to the Rijeka Airport (Krk) at a distance of 20 km.