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Express delivery schedule
Intereuropa Express service, which provides acquisition and delivery delivery in Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Aljmaš tuesday, wednesday, friday
Aržano tuesday, thursday
Babina Greda monday, tuesday, thursday, friday
Banovci monday, thursday
Bapska monday, thursday
Barilović monday, tuesday, thursday, friday
Bebrina monday, tuesday, thursday, friday
Bedekovčina monday, tuesday, thursday, friday
Belec monday, tuesday, thursday, friday
Bijelo Brdo tuesday, wednesday, friday
Blizna Donja monday, wednesday, friday
Bobota tuesday, wednesday, friday
Borovo tuesday, wednesday, friday
Bosiljevo monday, tuesday, thursday, friday
Bošnjaci monday, tuesday, thursday, friday
Bribir tuesday, thursday
Brinje friday
Brod Moravice tuesday
Brod Na Kupi friday
Brodski Stupnik monday, tuesday, thursday, friday
Brođanci tuesday, wednesday, friday
Bršadin tuesday, wednesday, friday
Brušane monday
Budinščina monday, thursday
Budinščina monday, thursday
Cerna monday, tuesday, thursday, friday
Cernik monday, tuesday, thursday, friday
Cetingrad monday, tuesday, thursday, friday
Crni Lug friday
Čabar friday
Čakovci monday, thursday
Čilipi monday, wednesday, friday
Čista Velika monday, wednesday, friday
Dalj tuesday, wednesday, friday
Davor monday, tuesday, thursday, friday
Delnice wednesday, friday
Desinić wednesday
Donja Bistra monday, wednesday, friday
Donja Klada wednesday
Donja Stubica monday, tuesday, thursday, friday
Donje Ogorje tuesday, thursday
Donje Pazarište monday
Donji Andrijevci monday, tuesday, thursday, friday
Donji Lapac wednesday
Donji Muć tuesday, thursday
Dragalić monday, tuesday, thursday, friday
Draganić monday, tuesday, thursday, friday
Dragljane monday, wednesday, friday
Drašnice monday, wednesday, friday
Drenovci monday, friday
Drinovci monday, wednesday, friday
Drivenik tuesday, thursday
Drniš monday, wednesday, friday
Drvenik monday, wednesday, friday
Dubravica tuesday, thursday
Dubravka monday, wednesday, friday
Duga Resa monday, tuesday, thursday, friday
Dvor thursday
Đeletovci monday, thursday
Đurmanec tuesday, friday
Erdut tuesday, wednesday, friday
Fužine wednesday
Garčin monday, tuesday, thursday, friday
Gata-Smolonje monday, wednesday, friday
Generalski Stol monday, tuesday, thursday, friday
Gerovo friday
Glina tuesday, thursday
Gola monday, wednesday, friday
Golubić monday, wednesday, friday
Gomirje monday, tuesday, thursday, friday
Gornja Rijeka monday, wednesday, friday
Gornja Stubica monday, thursday
Gornje Jesenje tuesday, friday
Gornji Bogićevci monday, tuesday, thursday, friday
Gospić monday, wednesday, friday
Gračac monday, wednesday
Gradac monday, wednesday, friday
Gradac monday, wednesday, friday
Gradište monday, tuesday, thursday, friday
Grižane tuesday, thursday
Grubišno Polje monday, wednesday, friday
Gruda monday, wednesday, friday
Gundinci monday, tuesday, thursday, friday
Gunja monday, friday
Hercegovac monday, wednesday, friday
Hrašćina-Trgovišće-Domovec monday, thursday
Hrv. Kostajnica-D.Kukuruzari thursday
Hrvatska Dubica thursday
Hum Na Sutli tuesday, friday
Ičići tuesday, friday
Igrane monday, wednesday, friday
Ilača monday, thursday
Ilok monday, thursday
Ivankovo tuesday, wednesday, friday
Jablanac tuesday
Jakovlje monday, wednesday, friday
Janjina tuesday, friday
Jasenice monday, thursday
Jasenovac thursday
Kaptol monday, wednesday, friday
Karin monday, thursday
Karlobag monday, thursday
Kijevo monday, wednesday, friday
Kistanje monday, wednesday, friday
Klana monday, wednesday, friday
Klanac monday, wednesday
Klanjec tuesday, thursday
Knin monday, wednesday, friday
Komletinci monday, thursday
Konjščina monday, thursday
Korenica monday, wednesday, friday
Kosinj monday
Kostanje tuesday, thursday
Kostrena monday, wednesday, friday
Kraljevec Na Sutli tuesday, thursday
Krapina tuesday, friday
Krapinske Toplice wednesday
Krasno monday, wednesday, friday
Križišće tuesday, thursday
Kučiče tuesday, thursday
Kula Norinska monday, wednesday, friday
Kumrovec wednesday
Kuna-Kuna Pelješka tuesday, friday
Kupjak wednesday
Kupljenovo tuesday, thursday
Laslovo - Korog tuesday, wednesday, friday
Lećevica tuesday, thursday
Ledenice wednesday
Lekenik monday, tuesday, wednesday, friday
Lič wednesday
Ličko Petrovo Selo monday, wednesday, friday
Lipovac monday, thursday
Lobor tuesday, friday
Lokve friday
Lovas monday, thursday
Lovinac monday, wednesday
Lovran tuesday, friday
Lozovac monday, wednesday, friday
Luka tuesday, thursday
Lužani monday, tuesday, thursday, friday
Mače monday, thursday
Marija Bistrica monday, thursday
Marija Gorica tuesday, thursday
Marina monday, wednesday, friday
Martinska Ves tuesday, thursday
Mihovljan tuesday, friday
Mošćenička Draga tuesday, friday
Mrkopalj wednesday
Negoslavci monday, thursday
Neorić tuesday, thursday
Nijemci monday, thursday
Nin monday, tuesday, thursday
Nova Gradiška monday, tuesday, thursday, friday
Nova Kapela monday, tuesday, thursday, friday
Nova Sela monday, wednesday, friday
Novi Golubovec tuesday, friday
Novigrad (Dalmacija) monday, thursday
Nuštar tuesday, wednesday, friday
Obrovac monday, thursday
Oklaj monday, wednesday, friday
Okrug Gornji monday, wednesday, friday
Okučani monday, tuesday, thursday, friday
Oprisavci monday, tuesday, thursday, friday
Orebić tuesday, friday
Oriovac monday, tuesday, thursday, friday
Orolik monday, thursday
Oroslavje monday, wednesday, friday
Orubica monday, tuesday, thursday, friday
Oskorušno tuesday, friday
Otočac monday, wednesday, friday
Otok monday, thursday
Perković tuesday, thursday
Perušić monday, friday
Petrčane monday, tuesday, thursday
Petrovci tuesday, wednesday, friday
Petrovsko tuesday, friday
Pirovac monday, tuesday, thursday
Plaški monday, wednesday, friday
Plešce friday
Plitvička Jezera monday, wednesday, friday
Podaca monday, wednesday, friday
Podgora monday, wednesday, friday
Podlapača monday, wednesday
Posavski Podgajci monday, friday
Posedarje monday, thursday
Posedarje-Paljuv monday, thursday
Potomje tuesday, friday
Poznanovec monday, thursday
Prezid friday
Prgomet tuesday, thursday
Pridraga monday, tuesday, thursday
Prigorje Brdovečko tuesday, thursday, tuesday, thursday
Primorski Dolac tuesday, thursday
Primošten monday, wednesday, friday
Privlaka monday, tuesday, thursday
Privlaka monday, thursday
Pušća tuesday, thursday
Putnikovići tuesday, friday
Račinovci monday, friday
Radoboj tuesday, friday
Rakovica monday, wednesday, friday
Ravna Gora wednesday
Ražanac monday, tuesday, thursday
Rešetari monday, tuesday, thursday, friday
Retkovci tuesday, wednesday, friday
Rogoznica monday, wednesday, friday
Rokovci-Andrijaševci tuesday, wednesday, friday
Ruščica monday, wednesday, friday
Saborsko monday, wednesday, friday
Sela monday, tuesday, wednesday, friday
Senj wednesday, friday
Severin Na Kupi monday, wednesday, friday
Sibinj monday, tuesday, thursday, friday
Sikirevci monday, tuesday, thursday, friday
Siverić monday, wednesday, friday
Skrad wednesday
Skradin monday, wednesday,
Slakovci monday, thursday
Slatine monday, wednesday, friday
Slavonski Kobaš monday, tuesday, thursday, friday
Slavonski Šamac monday, tuesday, thursday, friday
Slivno monday, wednesday, friday
Slunj monday, wednesday, friday
Smiljan monday, wednesday
Soljani monday, friday
Sotin monday, thursday
Srb monday, wednesday
Stankovci monday, tuesday, thursday
Stara Gradiška monday, tuesday, thursday, friday
Starigrad Paklenica monday, thursday
Staro Petrovo Selo monday, tuesday, thursday, friday
Ston tuesday, friday
Strošinci monday, friday
Stubičke Toplice monday, wednesday, friday
Sunja thursday
Sveti Juraj wednesday
Šarengrad monday, thursday
Šenkovec tuesday, thursday
Škabrnja monday, thursday
Štitar monday, tuesday, thursday, friday
Topusko tuesday, thursday
Tordinci tuesday, wednesday, friday
Tovarnik monday, thursday
Tribalj tuesday, thursday
Trpanj tuesday, friday
Trstenik tuesday, friday
Tršće friday
Tugare monday, wednesday, friday
Tuhelj wednesday
Udbina wednesday
Unešić monday, wednesday, friday
Velika Kopanica monday, tuesday, thursday, friday
Velika Trnovitica monday, thursday
Veliki Prolog monday, wednesday, friday
Veliki Zdenci monday, wednesday, friday
Veliko Trgovišće tuesday, thursday
Vinagora wednesday
Vinišće monday, wednesday, friday
Voćin monday, wednesday, friday
Vratnik friday
Vrbanja monday, friday
Vrbje monday, tuesday, thursday, friday
Vrginmost thursday
Vrgorac monday, wednesday, friday
Vrhovine monday, wednesday, friday
Vrlika tuesday, thursday
Vrsi tuesday, thursday
Zagorska Sela wednesday
Zaostrog monday, wednesday, friday
Zapolje monday, tuesday, thursday, friday
Zaton tuesday, thursday
Zlatar monday, thursday
Zlatar Bistrica monday, thursday
Zlobin friday
Ždala monday, wednesday, friday
Žuljana tuesday, friday
Županja monday, tuesday, thursday, friday
Krk monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday
Cres monday, thursday
Lošinj monday, thursday
Rab tuesday
Pag tuesday, thursday
Vir tuesday, thursday
Murter monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday
Ugljan tuesday, thursday
Pašman tuesday, thursday
Brač tuesday, thursday, friday
Hvar monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday
Korčula tuesday, friday
Vis friday
Dugi otok delivery and takeover at the nearest terminal
delivery and takeover at the nearest terminal
Rava delivery and takeover at the nearest terminal
Molat delivery and takeover at the nearest terminal
Ist delivery and takeover at the nearest terminal
Silba delivery and takeover at the nearest terminal
Premuda delivery and takeover at the nearest terminal
Sestrunj delivery and takeover at the nearest terminal
Zverinac delivery and takeover at the nearest terminal
Rivanj delivery and takeover at the nearest terminal
Šolta delivery and takeover at the nearest terminal
Lastovo delivery and takeover at the nearest terminal
Mljet delivery and takeover at the nearest terminal
Koločep delivery and takeover at the nearest terminal
Šipan delivery and takeover at the nearest terminal
Lopud delivery and takeover at the nearest terminal
Susak delivery and takeover in Mali Lošinj port
Unije delivery and takeover in Mali Lošinj port
Ilovik delivery and takeover in Mali Lošinj port
Crveni otok delivery and takeover at the nearest terminal
Sveta Katarina delivery and takeover at the nearest terminal



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